Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ah, sweet life of leisure...

La Société des Lumières had a picque-nique on July 5. What delights were had! Champagne, scrumptious eats, good friends--what better way to spend a summer afternoon?

The picture above is my Very Big Hair from the back. I have curled, teased, and wrapped my (long but wimpy-fine) hair around hairpieces to give it volume. Red hair actually wasn't really in style in the 18th century but I'm not crazy about wigs, they get so hot! One of these days I'll try powdering my hair to see how it works. Hot stock tip: buy stock in hairspray prior to any Les Lumieres event! We use a LOT. Thanks to Isara for sharing this photo.

Chris and I in full costumage. I'm starting to look a little droopy as this photo was taken after a full afternoon of sipping champagne in the sun but here it is for the sake of documentation. :)
Costume Notes: I'm getting plenty of mileage out of this trusty old frock! I originally made it for an event I organized for the Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild called "Let Them Drink Wine" a couple of years ago. (See Kendra's site for photos: http://www.demodecouture.com/events/wine/ ) The frock is a modified Butterick pattern. I changed the grain on the sleeves so that the stripes were horizontal. The underskirt is made out of polished cotton. For skirt volume, I'm also wearing a petticoat and some creative bum padding to fill out the back. The fichu is a hand-rolled linen square. Chris made his frock coat and hat. More costume notes as more pieces come together!
More photos of everyone looking lovely:

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