Monday, February 8, 2010

Les Lumieres go to The Pelican Inn

Now this is a great way to spend your birthday weekend: 18th century costumes, your sweetie, good friends, and a fabulous location!

Chris and I stayed the night before the event at the Inn ( and had a lovely evening with dinner by candlelight. After breakfast (and that's a full English breakfast, thankyouverymuch!) we went back upstairs and returned looking like this:

Everything I'm wearing has been made by me with the exception of the lovely necklace and hand-embroidered stomacher. Those two items are Bunny's fabulous handiwork. Chris made his jacket and hat (yay!) but his shirt was made by me. My next entry will go into some costume construction details for this outfit, but for now let's just enjoy some of the pretty pictures!

Lunch was followed by a walk on the beach but sadly, Chris and I had to dash off to his rehearsal so we missed that part of the day. We were so lucky the weather held out all afternoon--it's been raining like crazy here for days!

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