Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yarrrr! It's Pirate Time!

I'll be vending at the Pirates' Ball on Saturday night (Pirate Festival is also this weekend!) and have been busy building up my stock. It feels GREAT to be spending so much time in the studio again. Here's the rundown on a few of the things I finished this week that will be available for sale this weekend:
New tricorne, back view

New tricorne, front view. The synthetic patent leather was a good challenge for me because, since you can't steam through it when you do the buckram shaping I had to rethink just how I was going to construct the hat and get the results I was looking for. I wound up doing the brim shaping first and in the process figured out a few new techniques that I can apply to future hats. Double bonus!

Organdy flower madness. Next I'm making one in RED

A bouquet of flowers, Lulu style

 I didn't get my personal sewing done in time (hello life stuff) but it's not a big deal, I've got a fun little outfit planned that I'm looking forward to wearing and (gasp!) it's not even period. Well, okay, the stays are but that'll be about it! Hopefully I'll have some photos to post next week.

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