Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Absurdly droolworthy flickr pool: House of Worth

You know you are a costumer when a friend shares a flickr pool like this on Facebook and you spend the next 30 minutes looking through it when you ahem, should be working on business-related web stuff. (But there are 165 photos!!!)

I love this dress because it is my favorite color, chartreuse. That, and I love the way the style details make the wearer look like she has a teeny tiny waist: The pleated sheer fabric that drapes along the shoulder and outside bustline, the center panel, the slight hip padding...(Note to self, copy this!)

The 1900-ish gowns are also lovely, lovely, lovely. Oh I do love that period.

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neurotica said...

chartreuse is a beautiful color especially in duponi silk! Very lovely!