Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All the world's a stage...and my husband is finally getting a new costume

My poor husband has long asked me to create costumes for him. As a performer, he has sewn out of necessity for years and well, really doesn't like doing it (that's putting it gently) even when I've helped him along the way. "I'd rather be your Ken doll!" he says. And honestly, over the years I didn't really have to worry about outfitting him from head to toe, he has a pretty good costume collection already or was able to pull something together with borrowed pieces.

But now I do get the opportunity to dress him from head to toe because this summer Chris' performance troupe, The Stark Ravens, is putting on an Italian Commedia and he needs a Brighella costume that looks like this:

We need to make the hat, the short cape, the trousers, and the doublet (jacket). A fairly easy project, in my opinion--not too many pieces, and the only fiddly bits are the crazy amount of green trim that will need to be applied.

Here is the fabric and trim we are using:

 I just happened to have an entire 50 yard roll of green grosgrain ribbon in my stash that I didn't use on another project--score! The fabric is a mid-weight cotton twill but  we are using the back side of it to give it a slightly more homespun look. Since there is no way to keep WHITE cotton clean at a dusty renaissance faire I pre-washed the fabric in warm water so that it can be washed again after being worn. I need to pre-wash some of the ribbon trim next since it's a cotton/rayon blend and I don't want to risk any color bleed. I'll wash it in a tub of warm, soapy water so I can see if any of the color is leaching.

The hat has been started, and I'm in the process of cutting out the pants using a basic commerical pajama pant pattern. Construction updates to come!

And yes, Chris is very happy that he finally gets to be my Ken doll. :)

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