Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A gardening post? In a costume blog?

Yes! Hear me out, it's all connected. Really....

Last weekend Chris and I went to see the Slow Food Nation Victory Garden, a project put on by Slow Food Nation and Victory Gardens 2008. Both groups believe in reestablishing a connection to our food sources and keeping things local and sustainable. Our garden doesn't look anything like this! We are still beginners but love the idea of being an urban farmers, urban homesteaders. Is growing your own food a lot of work? Oh yes. Chris and I have weeded, dug, watered, and nursed our own little garden offspring. We now own big hats, two different kinds of sport sunscreen, and shoes you just hose off with the gardening hose. It's a constant learning process but eating food we grew ourselves is amazing. Totally amazing.

So why am I writing about gardening here? There is a real movement to learn (or relearn) the basics: DIY, chicks with power tools who know how to use them, cottage industries, average Joes who know the difference between baking soda and baking powder, people who leave desk jobs to become organic farmers, stitch-and-bitch gatherings, The Maker Faire. The Internet may give us the tools to connect with others of like mind but in the end, we still have to learn by getting our hands dirty. Or, in the case of those of us who practice the needle arts, poking ourselves with pins. Dive in.

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