Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wig Heads, Wig Heads, Rolly Polly Wig Heads

Oh new wig head, how I love thee...Wig heads are great because you can pin right into them, get them in different head sizes, and they come with a stand so that you have a stable work surface. This one clamps to my table but I also bought the suction cup stand. (Try pinning anything to a styrofoam head that keeps flopping over. Grrr.)

Right now I'm working on an 1880's style percher. Note the big bun of hair attached to the back of the head. These hats are made to perch on big hair so I worked the pattern over a typical hair silhouette. My goal is to have this percher made for an 1880's event next year. I'll update everyone with my progress! I do love this style and have been itching to make a complete 1880's outfit for quite some time now. This is the first step of many and the one I'm the most excited about at the moment.

After fruitlessly searching ebay for a nice looking wig form, I stumbled upon this site: The folks at William Collier Design were awesome and my wig head arrived really, really fast. I'm shamelessly sending big kudos out to them for making my day. :)

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