Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Year of Costumage: 2009 Costume Plans

This is the time of year when all of us crazy costumers start looking at the new year and all of the costuming projects we hope to accomplish based on our own interests or events we want to attend. I'm always a bit in awe of what everyone gets done! This past year I went on a bit of a costuming hiatus while I worked on other projects and career stuff but 2009 will be what I'm jokingly calling "The Year of Costumage." So here are my (really ambitious?) 2009 costume goals:

1. Finish 18th century stays.

2. Create 18th century quilted petticoat and a new 18th century frock for Lumieres events and Costume College. Fabric is a sky blue jacquard that's been sitting in the stash for way too long. Way.

3. Make complete bustle gown for GBACG's Bustles at the Beach event I'm hosting next year. Need to make the bustle, the frock, and the cute percher hat I started a couple of months ago. Fabric is a red and white check voile. Very summery and totally asking to be made into a bustle meringue.

4. Make new Renaissance bodice and maybe a new skirt for Faire. My old bodice is just plain tired.

5. Finish Chris' brocade topper and my own new bonnet for Dickens.

6. Finish Victorian corset started in the GBACG's Victorian Corset workshop.

Hopefully I'll get these done too:

1. Beaded and ribboned purse for Dickens. (My old one is a simple wool flannel drawstring purse that just doesn't hold everything I need to carry around.)

2. Charles II (1660-1685) period gown. Kendra came up with the idea of getting a "Charles II mistresses and members of the court" group together and there are now quite a few of us in the LJ group doing research, sharing information, and drooling over portraits from the period. I picked a woman named Mary Brune who lived just outside of London. The big coming out party for those who want to make their character's costume is Costume College in August. I haven't really had a chance to think too much about this project yet but now that it's a new year it's starting to pick up steam again.

Heh, guess I'd better get sewing!

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