Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Updates Schmupdates

I'm probably the World's Worst Blogger but things have been busy-busy around the ol' house of Vintage Rouge! Lots of new classes scheduled over the next few months and many new projects underway. Yes, there will be photos but if anyone can tell me how to put captions under photos in Blogger witout messing with cutting and pasting code I'd be a very happy camper.

And on a sillier note...My boyfriend is probably the only person on this planet who can get me to stand outside in 50 degree weather while he takes goofy photos of me modeling one of his new glow-in-the-dark t-shirts for his Etsy shop ( The shirt does glow, but it doesn't give off any heat outside in January when it's 50 degrees! How could I not share a photo as silly as this one? :)

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