Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 4: Made Do and Mend, Jeans

This past project was so simple, I don't know why it took me so gosh darn long to actually get to it! Well, yes I do: I needed to mend the inside leg of my favorite comfy jeans but couldn't find my little set of iron-on patches. As luck would have it, I just found them by accident two days ago while looking for something else. I know from experience that putting an iron-on patch on an inside leg seam wouldn't last a second but those cute little fake denim blue patches have enough stability that you can trim them to size and iron them in place just long enough to do a satin stitch all the way around.  I think you get the idea, I didn't think a photo of my sad little jeans was necessary in this case. :)

Instead, I bring you the cover of the WWII edition of Make Do and Mend, a book that helped thousands of women darn socks and fix worn out collars when there just wasn't much around to use or buy due to war rationing. A great article on the history of this book is here:


Anonymous said...

Yay for saving favorite comfy jeans! I've done this twice to mine. :)

Katie said...

Yep, this was leg #2. I can't believe how much I missed those jeans when they were in the "to-do" pile!