Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week 5: A new hat and updates

Hello World! Lots of behind the scenes stuff going on that's been keeping me busy like getting ready for some upcoming shows and working on some other projects and non-sewing stuff. Whew!

But lookie, I made a hat! There will be more to come for the biz but this is the one where I worked everything out pattern-wise and figured a few things out for myself before I "mass" produce it. Not to mention how many 18th century and piratey events I am going to this year that will require a new snazzy little hat like this one. :)

The front:
The back:
The innards are all buckram and millinery wire. It has been steamed into shape (I heart buckram) and decorated with as many pink frilly bits as I had in my stash. The feather spray I bought a couple of years ago in London when I was studying millinery. I guess it just had to wait for the right hat! Now I need to get the rest of the outfit done. I have bookmarks all over my Kyoto costume book for inspiration, including a petticoat that is currently a work in progress. That book is total eyecandy.

Oh, and I have a website now! Check out It's still a work in progress (aren't they always?) but it is up and running and will be my main site for any business stuff going forward as I want to keep this blog mainly for my own projects. I have been sewing, actually, but have been a slacker about getting the photos done so although it looks like I'm way, way behind in my 2011 challenge I think I'm not as far behind as it looks. Perhaps I shouldn't have made it a WEEKLY goal but well, it's my personal contest so I guess I can blow off my own rules now and then, right?

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