Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week 6: The Wedding Fascinator

In honor of the upcoming Royal Wedding, I thought I'd give this week's 2011 Challenge item a wedding theme and talk about the fascinator I made for my own wedding in January. I do look a bit like the absinthe fairy, don't you think?

Now, that wasn't actually my intention (really!), I just like that color green and since we were having a "courthouse wedding" I saw no reason to dress up in any sort of big white dress. All I made was my fascinator. I'm saving my sewing energy for all of those other projects this year!

But back to the fascinator...It's a simple teardrop base, wired buckram. I started making it after I found the dress so the colors pretty much chose themselves.
The flowers and leaves are made out of organza. The netting I pulled off of a sad little vintage hat that was unusable otherwise. The poor netting (something old!) wasn't in the greatest of shape so it wound up being a wee bit shorter than I would have liked but it still worked. Here's the back view, I love putting little ribbon details on like this:
The elastic gets buried in your hair. I love using elastic for these, they really stay on.

So, do you think Ms. Middleton will be wearing hot pink and green? Probably not, but I can't wait to see what she and all of the other guests are wearing!

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