Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vintage Sewing Exhibit at San Francisco International Airport

Last month while on a business trip I happily stumbled upon this exhibit at SFO: Threading the Needle: Sewing in the Machine Age  SFO often has really interesting exhibits that you can take a gander at while you shimmy down the movable walkway in the United domestic terminal. On the trip home I ditched traveling down the movable walkway and sauntered though the exhibit with my cell phone camera in one hand, wheeled luggage in the other. Here are a few of my favorites:

A lovely machine sewn bustle gown

Early Elna sewing machines
Sewing Birds! (I think I need to put one of these on my holiday wish list...)

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Zazu & Violets' hats & food said...

Thanks for giving me a glimpse of this exhibit. I love sewing machines and have owned quite a few...including old Elnas.